COVID-19 Update

The Branch office in the Civic Centre is unmanned as we are following government guidelines and currently working from home. Our contact details are:

Please email us on office@enfieldunison.co.uk as we are short staffed and extremely busy. We find this approach really helps us to provide a better service

Paul Bishop – 07887 762 872  Paul.bishop@enfieldunison.co.uk


Christine Sesstein – 07584 631 905 Christine.sesstein@enfieldunison.co.uk  Please note Christine's working days are Monday and Wednesday only

Tracey Adnan - 07584 631 902 Tracey.adnan@enfieldunison.co.uk Please note Tracey works term-time only


Welcome to UNISON, our Trade Union. We support and protect over 1.3 million working people, with over 3,000 members in the London Borough of Enfield Branch and offer a huge range of benefits to our members (find out more and join UNISON now). Our branch is run by a committed group of individuals who believe passionately in public services and the public sector ethos.

Please contact us if you have a problem at work, or if you would like to become a UNISON activist/steward within your workplace. Details of how to join UNISON or become an activist are available within this site.

About Us

Our branch is headed by Paul Bishop, Branch Secretary.  He is supported by a team of convenors and stewards who support our members working in all areas across the whole of the borough. We represent members in schools including academies, outsourced services i.e. leisure services, care services, catering services and of course all departments in the Civic Centre and other offices.

We are always looking for bright, able and committed people that want to be a voice for their colleagues in the workplace and to help individuals when they get into difficulties at work.  So if you think you may be interested in one of the many positions available within our branch, please drop one of us a line and we'd only be too happy to provide you with some more information.  See the Contact Us pages for contact details.

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